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SEOFox local SEO services Cape Town guarantees to help you get at least 700 leads per year

SEOFox Cape Town SEO services managed to help a construction company in the agricultural sector to generate more than 800 leads from website forms and 1000+ phone calls combined with WhatsApp messages in 2020, surpassing a target of 700 leads. SEOFox offers SEO services Cape Town with a mission to help local businesses generate 700+ leads per year. No pay per click advertising, just pure SEO organic traffic.

SEO services Cape Town: Do you want to know the performance of your site vs competition?

Request a free website audit report delivered to you within 48hrs. An SEO services Cape Town expert will help you find out exactly how your website is currently doing in search engine rankings versus the competition and what can be done to improve the overall SEO performance of your website.

Increase brand awareness, get traffic and more leads with our SEO services Cape Town

When you opt for our SEO services Cape Town, we’ll work hard to improve your rankings and you’ll begin to see more leads that will strengthen your business. The SEO services we offer in Cape Town are made to raise your rankings, increase your brand awareness and get you at least 700 leads per year. In fact, we are so confident that we guarantee our results, and this drives us to becoming one of the best local SEO  services company in Cape Town. Work with our SEO consultants to learn how your business can benefit from our SEO services.

Increase brand awareness

Your company will be found by customers as they are actively searching for products or services you offer. Meaning you’ll increase your chances of getting more which will ultimately help you scale your business as you get more leads.

Get more organic SEO traffic

We’ll optimise your website to standout so that people don’t get past when they are seeing your website pages in the mix of Google search results listing and maps. This will increase your clickthrough rate and get you more organic SEO traffic.

Get at least 700 leads per year

While SEO is very competitive, we guarantee you at least 700 leads per year and that’s within our minimum SEO budget. SEO is about ROI, the more you invest the more ROI you’ll get. If you invest R500pm your competitor might be investing 3x more.

Construction company SEO case study

We surpassed a target of 700 leads in 2020 for Mbongeni Poultry and Piggery Building Projects

SEO Cape Town: 3 Months SEO Performance for MPPBP

Our partnership with Mbongeni Poultry and Piggery Building Projects began in November 2018 when they hired us to design and launch an SEO campaign to improve their visibility in search engines and increase brand awareness with long term goal of acquiring leads using their website.


Their goal was to have a website that could help them generate client leads while building brand awareness. They also told us that they would really like to spend less on their digital marketing campaigns in the future, while they still get client leads. What was really challenging was that previously they had no online presence at all.


We proposed that we design and optimise their website then run a 3 month Google AdWords campaign. Our objective was to use Google AdWords to find out: How people searched for their services, what goals people might want to achieve for each search term and what questions do they ask when they contact them.

In our findings we discovered that 90% of people who contacted them were looking for quotations so they can apply for funding from the Government and Private Investors. We then revisited the user interface (UI) design to adjust website’s content flow to drive website visitors to the lead forms which will help: Them to easily request for quotes which would ultimately help MPPBP to also achieve their goal of acquiring client leads using their website from organic search traffic.

SEO Cape Town Case Study For a Construction Company



In May 2019, our SEO services Cape Town strategy started to get them results and by the end of year 2019, we’ve managed to help them rank for over 74 SEO keywords which led to a total of 500+ leads within a period of 8 months. Fast forward to 2020, their website ranks for more than 200 SEO keywords, we managed to help them acquire 822 leads from their website forms and 1000+ phone calls combined with WhatsApp inquiries which takes their total leads to almost 2000 surpassing the target of 700 leads per year. 

Do you want to achieve similar results? Let's begin by auditing your current SEO score

For starters, we recommend we do a free no-obligation SEO audit to see how your website is doing versus competition. Once we complete the audit, the next step of our SEO services is to consult with you to discuss your goals and what needs to be done to improve your website’s performance and achieve your goals.

SEOFox SEO services Cape Town:
Why you need to invest in SEO?

Search engine optimisation is one of the digital marketing methods that can’t be ignored. If you start investing in our SEO services Cape Town you’ll begin to send more qualified traffic to your website which can help you acquire more leads and sales for your business.

Think of SEO investment as a long-term strategy that will bring you long-term benefits that will yield a noticeable impact on your business. Implementing a good SEO strategy can have more benefits for your business, no matter how big or small it is. 

SEOFox SEO services Cape Town are designed to help small business owners like you to help them use their website to get more clients.

Msimelelo Makatesi SEOFox Professional SEO Cape Town

Website design

We build search engine friendly websites with every design element working towards achieving higher conversions. Your website will be built on an easy to use WordPress CMS.

Organic SEO

Get a holistic strategy to maximise your business’s visibility across South Africa. Organic SEO is perfect for small businesses who want to expand their reach on national scale.

Local SEO

We will provide you with a complete local SEO services Cape Town strategy to help you rank in your local city. Great if you want to gain more visibility online and reach more local customers near your city.

Brand design

Our brand design service will ensure your company looks professional from logo design to your website. Our in-house brand identity design experts are ready to help you brand your company.

Pay per click

While we wait for your long-term search engine optimisation results, we’ll use Google Ads pay per click advertising to get your company overnight phone calls and leads.

SEO Copywriting

Small business owners often don’t find time to write content for their websites. If this sounds like you, there’s no need to panic, we partnered with experts in SEO copywriting.

Open up to more digital opportunities

High-quality SEO can bring you lots of possibilities for building a better business and a bigger brand. Not only will you improve your business, but you’ll also make it sparkle. 

When people understand your brand due to a quality search engine optimization process then you reached a new phase in your business growth. If you have a well-known brand, people will search for you, share your content, ask for guest-post and contact you for collaborations.

It can become a lovemark, a concept that is used when brand loyalty goes beyond reason. And to create a lovemark you need great stories that trigger sensorial effects that go beyond the monitor. It is also important to demonstrate commitment and empathy to the audience.  

Website organic SEO traffic analyzer overview
Website organic SEO traffic analyzer overview

Our SEO services campaigns include

Manual review of your current website

Audience and competitive analysis

Analysis of your website pages content

Link building and content promotion

Implementation of content strategy technical SEO

Website redesign for conversion optimisation

Put your business in front of your target audience

SEO optimisation goes beyond the goal of improving your site’s rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

An optimised website can help your business get in front of searchers on Google as they’re actively searching for relevant SEO keywords in your industry.

Whether your goals is to help people find directions to your premises, purchase your products online or inform and educate them about your business. Want to try our SEO services Cape Town for your business?

Google Search Bar Suggesting Most Searched Keywords Related To Affordable SEO Companies in Cape Town
Google Search Bar Suggesting Most Searched Keywords Related To Affordable SEO Companies in Cape Town

More about SEOFox SEO services Cape Town

At SEOFox we are totally dedicated to allowing brands to increase their online sales and revenues, by aiding them to optimize their content for SEO and Design purposes.

Having a seamless digital experience for users is critical to allow businesses to generate more high quality leads, and to increase their own sales and revenue.

Our team of highly skilled and exceptionally qualified digital experts are here to make sure that all of your needs are met, the whole way through the design process, because we are not happy with your website until you are.

This customer focus is what has led us to be one of the preferred SEO services providers in Cape Town by small businesses. It is a reputation that we have worked hard for, and one that we are prepared to work just as hard to keep. What are you waiting for? The SEOFox SEO services Cape Town can get you the results you need. Look no further for the best SEO services Cap Town has to offer.

Improve your company's performance online

Do you think our SEO services can help you attract more potential customers from Google? Start by requesting a free website audit, this is an important part of our SEO services Cape Town strategy,

Our best bet for success lies in delivering the best SEO services Cape Town has to offer

As a professional SEO services Cape Town company we know our best bet for success lies in delivering the results you desire with your SEO investment. By ensuring your company get leads each month we stand a great chance of doing what we do for our construction client MPPBP surpassing your minimum yearly target of 700 leads. It’s no secret SEO is a game of cards but with adequate SEO budget we guarantee to give your business a step ahead of your competition.

How SEO services Cape Town work? You might ask

We’re a search engine optimisation agency working with local businesses in Cape Town to help them rank higher for specific SEO keywords with the goals generating more leads. For example, for this page we are targeting “SEO services Cape Town” as the main keyword. That mean’s if you landed on this page you searched for SEO services Cape Town or SEO service providers or SEO services near me, whatever the combination.

That’s not all, for us to rank above other SEO agencies in Cape Town for the SEO services keyword we needed to do more than just distributing the keyword across this page. We made sure we create a good amount of internal links and external links pointing to this SEO services Cape Town page, share it on social media and more.

Why did you choose to target SEO services Cape Town keyword?

Before we decide to go for a keyword there are some few things we consider first. Things like search volume, competition and so forth. So SEO services Cape Town keyword met our minimum requirements for keywords that could help us get more relevant search traffic. Also the nature of it tells us that people who are searching for SEO services Cape Town  are actually looking for SEO agencies like us.

If this keyword was “how to do SEO services Cape Town”, we would have not wanted to rank for it. You might ask why? Ok simply put this keyword’s intent is educational – meaning it might be someone new to SEO trying learn how to do provide SEO as a service and not actually looking for any SEO agency help.

Helpie FAQ

  • How long do SEO campaigns take?

    SEO is definitely a long-term game plan, however once your at the top of Google, it is pretty much like free advertisement. SEO results can vary from industry to industry as you need to take into consideration things such as the competition, and keyword difficulty. However most companies will see the fruits of SEO in 6-12 months. 

  • How much does your SEO campaigns cost?

    The cost of an SEO campaign can very from industry to industry as it can vary from the number of hours that will be put into the campaign and the final needs of the content such as content, social media, web design, etc. Our basic SEO packages begin at R2450 a month for smaller websites and increase from there.

  • Can you guarantee real results?

    No digital marketing company can offer their clients #1 results as there are many factors at times that are out of our control such as every changing search algorithms, new competition, and time that will go into a digital marketing campaign. However we can guarantee that each of our clients will get 100% from our end in terms of quality and work being put out by our team of experts.

  • What is the difference between SEO & PPC?

    SEO is a long term marketing strategy that involves much more time and analysis to get great results but can bring much more benefits in the long run as once your #1 you will pretty much guarantee  high amounts of traffic coming to your website month after month. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a short term strategy that can put your company at the top of Google as long as you continue to pay for the given keywords you want to target. This can bring quick results however once you stop paying you will not be found anywhere on Google. Both of these strategies should be combined to work together for any company who wants to grow their visibility online.