The 700+ leads per year mission

We’re on a mission to help small businesses acquire 700+ leads per year.

SEO Case Studies

Nothing’s more exciting like getting the return on your SEO investment, below are the results of our march to 700+ leads per year for 300+ small businesses. You too can get similar or even better results if you start investing in SEO today.

Mbongeni Poultry and Piggery Building Projects

Industry: Construction
Date: November 2018 - Current

Our partnership with Mbongeni Poultry and Piggery Building Projects began in November 2018 when they hired us to design and launch an SEO campaign to improve their visibility in search engines and increase brand awareness with long term goal of acquiring leads using their website.

Results by year:

2019: 500+ leads, 74+ SEO keyword and 13+ ranked #1

2020: 802+ leads, 1000+ phone calls, WhatsApp calls and Messages,

Strategic IT Group

Industry: Information Technology
Date: October 2020 - Current

Strategic IT Group hired 2Colour Bean to redesign their website in 2019. So, in October 2020 they decided to invest in SEO, as the division of 2Colour Bean they believe we can deliver the results. As of January 2021, we started seeing an increase in the number of keywords in the top 10. We’ll update this case study as we continue to get meaningful results.

Would you like to achieve similar results?

Our mission started with one

How do we get there? You might ask. We started with one small business, a construction company based in Cape Town. See how their website is currently performing in their SEO case study.

One small business is getting the results what about the other 299? You too can be part of this SEO Cape Town Mission. By allowing us to help you put your website to work, using the best SEO tactics to build a long term sustainable lead generation strategy.

So are you in or out? Let’s start by auditing the state of your current website, click here to request a free website SEO audit report in less than 48hrs.

How we started?

SEOFox was founded by Msimelelo Makatesi after seeing that most small business owners are stuck with websites that never get them customer leads nor appear when people are searching for their services. For the past five years, Msimelelo has managed to keep his brand 2Colour Bean above competition for most of their targeted SEO keywords.

Now, his on a mission to help 300+ small businesses acquire 700+ leads per year. 700+ leads for 300+ businesses sounds too big for a small SEO agency like us. It was scary until we started flooding one of our clients with leads on daily basis while we started improving visibility for an IT support company based in Johannesburg.