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SEOFox is a fast-growing SEO Cape Town company for local businesses that want to market their services online. Our SEO experts will help you target SEO keywords that will help your website show up on search terms that are relevant to what you offer.

SEO Cape Town

Do you want to drive more relevant visitors to your website and convert them into qualifying leads?

If you answered yes you’ve come to the right internet marketing agency in Cape Town that focuses on using PPC (pay per click) advertising, and SEO (search engine optimization) to market small businesses online.

We’ve helped a startup company generate more than 500 leads in 2019 from organic traffic. In fact as of 13 January 2020 they have already captured more than 15 leads in 2020 from SEO traffic.

MPPBP SEO Case Study

MPPBP 2019 SEO Case Study

Mbongeni Poultry and Piggery Building Projects hired us to design their website in November 2018 and optimize it for SEO. Their company was new and they had no online presence. We started optimizing their website for search engines in January 2019 and towards the end of April 2019 we started seeing increase in web visitors.

The website ranks for more than 74 SEO keywords and more than 13 rank number 1 in the 1st page results of Google. Since the website launched it has generated more than 500 leads from organic traffic.

Did you know?

SEO Cape Town is the most competitive search phrase in Cape Town SEO marketing

SEOFox internet marketing (SEO) services focuses on delivering results in search rankings. We’ve managed to rank first page for SEO Cape Town, the most searched and difficult keyword in our own industry.

Our search engine optimization service in South Africa focuses on maximizing website conversions for small businesses giving them online marketing competitive edge.

We can figure out exactly which keywords that get most searches in your industry and develop a strategy that will help us rank your website for those terms.

We optimize websites for small businesses so they can rank higher on Google, increase leads and grow revenue.

Our search engine marketing approach has helped us rank in the 1st page of Google even for a very competitive Cape Town SEO keyword.

We can push your company to the 1st page for most searched profitable keywords in your industry as well.

SEOFox drives the right people to your doors

SEO Cape Town

We'll start by improving the way search engines interpret your websites content

The SEO prize is bigger that it increases brand visibility, helps you get new customers and ultimately reduces paid advertising costs.

In order to win the SEO’s ultimate prize of receiving quality web traffic you need to improve the way search engine spiders crawl on your website.

Crawling and indexing

Crawling and indexing optimization is best known as technical SEO. At this stage we prepare your website for search engine spiders to easily access, crawl, interpret and index your content.

Content optimization

We evaluate the quality of content if its written properly and can reach the maximum target market. We implement relevant keywords to the content, title tags, meta tags and linking to similar content.

Local & Google maps SEO

The best way to reach nearby customers is to optimize your site for local SEO. We’ll help you promote your products & services to people near your business. Your business will also feature in Google maps results

Fast page loading times

Page speed loading times has always been one of SEO critical ranking factors. With an increase in mobile search queries it is even more important to consider adaptive web design to deliver better web experience.

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Enhanced user experience boosts conversion rate

Search engine marketing has moved away from ranking only for search terms, rather search engines seek content that is relevant to user search intents. SEOFox is one of the few SEO companies that focus on aligning UX and search engine marketing strategy. Our agency aligns UX & search engine optmization strategy to increase brand visibility and boost website conversion rate.

Website UX that complements best SEO practices

Understanding user goals is equally important as understanding your business goals. Web visitors will help you achieve your business objectives if your content complements their search intent and your website makes it easy to find relevant information.

Improve how people navigate your website

A website is different from your physical office where receptionists are available to help visitors. Your website navigation needs to be simple with informational menu labels and clear visible buttons helping user know what to expert once they click on a link.

SEO Cape Town

Results driven SEO company in South Africa

SEOFox an SEO company maximizing website conversions for small businesses. Our SEO service does not end with driving people to your website, we enhance the usability as well to entice visitors to take intended actions.

For your website to serve the purpose people need to find it online, fill contact forms on your website or call your business to inquire about services. We’re not just another SEO company in Cape Town, see our Cape Town SEO services results here: RESULTS

Properly optimized websites increase the chances of showing on search terms related to products or services your company offers. Local  search and Google maps optimization will help you improve 3x the quality of web traffic you get from search engines.

SEO Cape Town
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The team that makes growing business online simple

User experience design (UX) + search engine optimization (SEO) are a great recipe for success in digital marketing. Our team consists of UX designers, web developers and SEO specialists that make every campaign a success.

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Most profitable keywords to target are long, specific and sometimes include a location. SEO Cape Town or SEO companies in Cape Town will show digital marketing companies near Cape Town.

Let us say you own a local hair salon in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. It would make sense to target the keyword “Best Hair Salons in Khayelitsha Cape Town”. 

This will help Google understand you’re targeting people in Cape Town looking for hair salons around Khayelitsha and other surrounding areas.

That’s just one of many ways you can use to target the desired niche. See below how we ranking other sites:

Search these terms: brand design south africa or logo design cape town and look for 2Colour Bean. In all the above search keywords 2Colour Bean is found on the first page of Google

Search these terms: poultry house contractors  or commercial chicken houses and look for Mbongeni Poultry and Piggery Building Projects

In all the above search keywords MPPBP is found on the first page of Google


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